Let’s Play!

4 10 2008

Here’s what we did at The Tech Museum in San Jose today:

  1. Looked at models of Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions, as well as discussions of his art. Later in life he began to examine the parallels between his inventions and art. It must have been a fascinating puzzle for him.
  2. Used design software to build a virtual roadbike
  3. Rode a virtual roller coaster
  4. Used a robotic arm
  5. Used mirrors to focus light on a solar collector
  6. Built little hydro generators
  7. Experienced a simulated earthquake
  8. Asked questions of a virtual oceanography
  9. Played with space equipment
  10. Saw a real, live woman with no apparent butt crack
  11. Ate a fresh fig (This was actually at my brother’s house, not the museum.)



4 responses

4 10 2008

I heartily commend your eating the fresh fig, which is a great pleasure under any circumstance.

But the woman without a butt crack? How closely are you inspecting women on the street, and how closely did you inspect this particular woman, to determine the presence or absence of a butt crack?

We really should get to the bottom of this.

4 10 2008

no butt crack? must be related to that teenager on the TV show “Kyle XY”, who has no belly button.

4 10 2008

numbers 1- 9 sound like great, mind-stimulating fun. wish I was there.

5 10 2008

you have not experienced the tech museum till you do it with grandchildren.

(I have some you could borrow).

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