I Have a Green Thumb

3 10 2008

I’ve been trying all day to think of something funny to say, just to make up for my boring political comments. I had given up, accepted my own lack of a sense of humor and trudged downstairs for a Big Gulp of wine when I laid eyes on those wonderful succulents (plants) that Max gave me early this spring.

I had a work-study job in a greenhouse at Mizzou and I was pretty darned proud of myself for recognizing what they were and how to care for them. So I put myself on a strict schedule of watering each of them just the right amount every Friday morning. Come hell or high water, I gave those friggin’ plants their Friday morning drink.

About two weeks ago, I realized they were plastic.




2 responses

4 10 2008

How do I say this? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

4 10 2008

But they’re still flourishing, right? Keep watering! Ditto on the above comment.

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