New Ride

6 06 2013

die fledermaus

My new ride, all 8.52 kg of it. Tentatively named die Fledermaus.

Thanks to Rick and Izzy!


Just wanna ride my bike

25 05 2013

Alvaro, Rose and I were interviewed for this recruiting video. I finally got paid to ride my bike…

Pommes for Marcia

22 04 2013


I was in Amsterdam a few weeks ago and took Marcia’s advice to try the street vendor pommes with peanut sauce.

You were right, Marcia, they’re fantastic. And I picked up a cool little brass bike bell just down the street.


18 04 2013

A quiet courtyard in Les Baux, France.

French Clif Bar

16 04 2013


I admit that the pain au chocolat were much tastier than this, but who can resist a smiling French pastry?

The Pastry Shop

16 04 2013


Fueling up for the rest of the ride.

Started in Aix-en-Provence and found this small patisserie in Rognes.


17 03 2013

Yes, all 23 letters of that is one word.

In the U.S. we just call it a W-2.