Steady, Aim, Aim, Aim…Fire!

8 08 2012

I read Seth Godin’s blog every day and I think this is a pretty great post for anyone who works on a project basis. I spend much of my time battling corporate barriers, but there are wonderful flashes of brilliance, even in that daily grind. (The following is from Seth Godin’s blog, August 8, 2012)

What’s Your Average Speed?

My car informs me that I’ve been averaging 26 mph over the last month. Much lower than I would have guessed.

It’s low not because we don’t drive on the highway, it’s low because there’s also a lot of time spent sitting still in traffic and at lights.

When we remember our journey and our work, the highlights are the fast parts, the thrilling moments, the peaks (and the valleys). It seems, though, that we spend most of our time in preparation, or circling, or considering. Probably worth investing some effort into our performance there, and enjoying those parts as well.




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