Bad Wiessee

8 07 2012

Susan’s car broke down on our way to Krumlov, Czech Republic this weekend, so we limped back to Nuremberg Friday night and took my car to the Bavarian Alps Saturday morning.  This is in the town of Bad Weissee, where normal houses look like Austrian chalet and the cows really wear bells.

It’s quite an international story: Two friends, Canadian and American, living in Germany, get stuck beside the autobahn on their way to the Czech Republic. The Canadian calls her German boyfriend, who is working in China, for advice. The travelers wind up pouring their drinking water into the car’s radiator so they can drive to the next town. Mario, the German boyfriend with an Italian name, talks to the German mechanic even though he (Mario) is (still) in China. The car’s water hose had been chewed by a German marten. Then these intrepid travelers drive to the Alps. It’s hard to be too upset about a breakdown with a story like that.




One response

9 07 2012
Art Vandelay

Ha! Have you considered employment with the U.S. Department of State?

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