2 11 2011

I came across this heap of things on one of my morning runs. At first I thought it was rocks, then I decided they were rutabagas, but Art Vandelay tells me they are sugar beets, not coconuts. They are apparently grown in cooler climates and are piled in the field to dry. The tops and root ends have been cut off. I’ve been seeing fields of what I guessed were kale, and wondering why they were planted so late in the year, but they must be sugar beets. Maybe, like winter wheat, the plants get a good start in the fall, then start growing again in the spring. I pulled one of the suspected kale plants to see if it was a root vegetable, but there was no bulb growth yet. Because the leaves are so large, I’m guessing that the plants must put their energy into large leaves that gather fuel quickly, which allows the plants to survive winter and restart quickly in the spring to produce these sugary blobs.




One response

9 11 2011
Julie B

What’s that in the middle of the road? Cow Patty?

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