17 10 2011

FedEx freed my cross bike from the greedy clutches of German customs last week and the local bike shop reassembled it for me in time for my regular Sunday ride. I’m sure they don’t see many cross bikes and even though our language differences limited conversation, we were on the same page from the moment I dragged the box in the door. The mechanic had a box cutter ready before I even set the box down and we tore into it like kids at Christmas. They indicated they’d have it ready on Friday, but when I went by to pick it up they couldn’t take my credit card or debit card.  Hard to believe, but they sent me out the door with the bike, somehow knowing that I’d be back the next day with cash. Thanks for shipping my ride, Rick!

But wait, there’s more. I headed out for a cold exploratory ride on Sunday morning, almost entirely on paved or gravel bike trails, going from one tiny village to another and hoping I could find my way back. Just outside Hammerbach, estimated population 23, I passed a couple of women on a two lane track through a field. Their golden retriever, Stella, started following me so I stopped to let them catch the dog. It turned out that they were American, which was pretty darned exciting since I don’t speak German yet. So we stood right there in the field and chatted like old friends for probably a half hour. We’re getting together, along with their husbands, for drinks and sushi on Friday. So maybe this is what it means to be an ex-pat.




3 responses

17 10 2011
Monica CabreraJohnson

I am so happy that you have found friends! I supposed that you were taking the stamp with you! 😉

18 10 2011
Art Vandelay

You are lucky that Stella speaks English!

18 10 2011

First I read the title of the post as “Stellar”, which is how this all sounds – the bike shop, the ride, the dog, and the people.

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