Campus Life

21 08 2011

After 22 hours of travel, I arrived at the Herzogenaurach Ramada yesterday afternoon; my new home for the next couple of weeks. I have a very nice room, but the place definitely has the feel of a high end sports camp dormitory. There are huge images of swimmers, runners, yoga girls, etc on the walls and even my bed pillows were arranged like the adidas triple triangles. Which all makes sense, since my window looks out on the adidas campus.

The front desk gave me a map of the area when I checked in and it shows the various adidas buildings, as well as Herzo proper, but there is no indication of the Puma headquarters, which are a ten minute walk away. Guess this is a good indication of the corporate landscape. I guessed that the two rivals would put a river and at least a highway between them, but I think they are actually closed enough to slingshot water balloons at each other, if so inclined.

But I went out for a very pleasant exploratory run this morning and located a grocery, which is always the first thing I look for when staying someplace for more than a day. Nothing is open on Sunday and it will be a long walk there, but maybe I can get there tomorrow for some simple food. Three meals a day in restaurants doesn’t suit me very well.

I’m relieved to find that Germany is well-suited to pedestrians and cyclists, with paved and unpaved paths in every direction. Apart from the distances, I have the sense that one can go almost anywhere by foot or bicycle. Makes me wish I had brought a bike so I could explore a little more in the evenings.

One thing I’ll have to figure out is how to deal with the surly restaurant help. I’m always inclined to be polite to wait staff, but it’s clear that I need to come up with a polite reminder that I’m the boss, so to speak. It’s going to be an amusing power play.




2 responses

25 08 2011

Go get em Egghead.

29 09 2011
Monica CabreraJohnson

Glad to received news from you! Good luck.

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