26 10 2010

In this world of cheaply manufactured goods, it should come as no great shock that the full length mirrors sold at Target are sometimes distorted. That didn’t occur to me as I finally (after 2 1/2 years here) purchased a mirror for my closet. And because I thought I might create some sort of nice cherry or walnut frame pieces for it, rather than using the plastic brackets that came with it, I leaned it against the closet wall and thought no more of it.

That was several days ago and I FINALLY, just now, noticed that it’s a skinny mirror. Yes, ladies, you know how some mirrors distort your image so you look great in everything? They don’t distort enough to look like a circus funhouse kind of thing, they just go far enough to deliver a sort of low tech PhotoShop effect. Well, for a mere $14.99 + tax, I am now the proud owner of one of those mirrors. If that’s not a fabulous bonus, I don’t know what is.

So, next summer when you’ve ordered a dozen new swimming suits online and you haven’t had the courage to try them on, come on over and use my mirror. You’ll look gorgeous. Can’t believe that you had to buy that size in jeans? Well, turn around and look at your butt in my new mirror, and no more wide load blues.




2 responses

26 10 2010

Wow – if you charge for the privilege of checking yourself out in the mirror, you’ll be able to make back the $14.99 in no time!

26 10 2010

Maybe it’s because you do look great in everything, Egghead.

Consider that . . . .

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