Pull Up Your Socks

30 04 2010

“If you don’t enter the lion’s den, you will never capture the lion.”

That quote, attributed to Seung Sahn, has hung on my refrigerator for the past ten years or so, and there it will stay until one or the other of us dries up and falls off. Like all of the things we look at every day but don’t see, I had to be reminded of it.

I was downtown this evening, having dinner with Lori, when she commented on a friend of hers who was walking down the street. The woman, who was clearly blind and accompanied by her dog, was striding along the sidewalk, singing to herself and looking as happy as can be.  She had moved to Lawrence from Korea a few years ago. By herself.

Think about the kind of courage it takes to be out and about in this world, in an unfamiliar country, with little support and no eyesight. Watching her move away down the street, I felt like a real ass, thinking about the events that have mowed me over in the last few years. Nothing at all, really, compared to what she’s conquered.

What a great reminder to pull up my socks and get on with it.




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