The Perfect Evening

24 08 2009

T Bones

The Kansas City T-Bones have a wonderful new stadium in Kansas City, Kansas, and I spent an absolutely perfect evening there last night. The weather is rarely so nice here in Kansas, and I got to hang out with my friends, eating hot dogs with lots of mustard and drinking beer.

I had a very nice chat with the woman sitting next to me, Colleen. She’s from Scranton and is a diehard Steelers fan. I was fascinated by the misshapen fellow wearing an apron who was standing in direct line with the pitcher. That was actually the umpire, but I never got an explanation of why he didn’t use a mitt. I would think that might be handy with baseballs coming at you. However, Colleen explained that he wears heavy padding under his clothes, hence his strange body shape, and that he uses the apron for extra baseballs. Good to know.

Anyway, she told me all about being the youngest member of Eastern Star, at the age of 40, and that her mother is one of 14 kids and her father is one of 8. With a family of that size, she relies on Facebook for communication, and we had a nice chat about the merits of Facebook.

Have you thought any more about putting your soul in cold storage? Think how nice those helpless animal pelts would feel this winter if you didn’t have a pesky soul to bother you.




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