19 08 2009

Isn’t that a great name? Why don’t more parents select that name for their little girls and boys?

According to, it means flax or blond in Greek and possibly one who mourns in Etruscan. Of course, the Etruscan meaning is shaky, since the language hasn’t actually been spoken since about 100 AD and the last known reader was Emperor Claudius, who died in 54 AD. His wife was Etruscan, so you can imagine how those conversations went. Probably lots of gesturing.

Anyway, it’s a great name, given to a few famous people, most notably Linus van Pelt. Remember Linus and his blanket from the Peanuts cartoon? Wikipedia reminds me that he was Lucy’s little brother and that he sometimes quoted the Gospels. Remember The Great Pumpkin? The was Linus’ version of Santa Claus. He is reputed to have coined the term “security blanket”.  And I’m going to give you this straight from Wikipedia, regarding his blanket: ” Ridicule of the habit is not a major concern for him as shown when one friend, Roy, warned him at summer camp that he would be viciously teased for it. In response, Linus uses his blanket like a whip and shears off a tree branch with intimidating power and notes “They never tease me more than once.” The blanket, it turns out, has something of a personality of its own (a non-verbal one), and it once engaged Lucy in a knock-down drag-out fight, due to her constant, albeit failed, attempts to get rid of it by throwing it in the trash burner.”

There is also Linus Pauling, Linus Torvalds, Linus Roache and Pope St. Linus.




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5 10 2009

Not sure I like Etruscan names. I believe Claudius’ wife killed him to put her son on the throne. That was not only bad for Claudius but for Rome, as he was one of the more enlightened emperors. The wife’s son, Nero, was definitely a step backward.

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