Tower of Evil

7 07 2009



This is the cathedral in Cologne and I’m sure that most people don’t feel that it’s evil. It’s just that I figure it was built by serfs and war slaves who worked hard and died young in the name of Christian glory. Sorry, I know that’s not a popular view, but really…

I visited my friend Paul in Cologne last week and stayed in a hotel about 100 yards from the cathedral. The second photo was taken from the bed in my hotel room and let me tell you, it was pretty strange to wake up in the morning to that. Actually, it was astonishing and awe inspiring. Just imagine cracking a sleepy eye open to that!

The sorry part is that I failed to get any photos of Paul and Bonny or their brilliant creations, Henry and Owen, the twin two year olds. And yes, I had a great time with them. The boys were an absolute blast, and Paul and Bonny are a pretty great duo. I guess they have to be to survive these twin dervishes.




One response

12 07 2009


What a cool trip you’re having! Did I tell you I’m in Europe too? I know I did, actually…I don’t know why I asked.

Check out the travel bloggin’ like when I was in Spain:

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