On the Canal

30 06 2009

Yeah, I know, long time, no post.  And that’s a lotta commas in a short sentence.

We’re staying at the Hotel Pulitzer in Amsterdam, in a room overlooking the Prinsengracht canal. It’s one of the more foreign-feeling cities I’ve visited, and altogether civilized. And the language is fantastic. This is the warning sticker on a package of cigars: “Roken is dodelijk”. If it weren’t on the package of cigars, reminding us that smoking will kill us, I’d think it was some sort of fantastic chocolate dessert. Of course, speakers of the language sound as if they’re occasionally gagging. Or maybe they’re trying to tell us to stop smoking those stinking cigars.

What a great day we’ve had. The weather couldn’t be more perfect, we spent the morning looking at paintings at the Rijksmuseum, had pizza and beer for lunch, then rented a paddleboat for the trip back to the hotel. The day is still young, since it doesn’t get dark until 10 pm or later, so there is more fun to come.




3 responses

30 06 2009

I’m going to be in Amsterdam in a few weeks! I’m taking a three week trip across Eastern Europe (and will be blogging about it, of course). You’ll have to check it out. And post some pictures of Amsterdam!

30 06 2009

Oh, boy, it sounds great!

30 06 2009

Sounds like a wonderful trip, and it’s nice to see you back online!

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