What Does It Mean?

22 01 2009


I really was working when I found this.

I was searching for a clip art image of the numeral one and this was one of the results. It was a definite “This one is not like the others” kind of moment and it actually took my mind just a couple of beats to catch up. While this image undoubtedly has lots of uses, I’m wondering what it was doing amongst the thousand or so generic images in my Microsoft clip art file.

When I’m working on html files, I’ll occasionally insert a funny keyword just to make Julie laugh. I wonder if the poor slob who was charged with building this clip art file was doing that when she included this image.




3 responses

22 01 2009

Egghead, what I’d like to know is what image goes with the number “2”.

Let’s get to the bottom of this.

27 01 2009

There are new toilets which have the option for a small or large flush to save water. The small flush is generally assoicated with No. 1 and the large flush assoicated with No. 2. I suspect this graphic is related to the botton which would activiate the flush appropriate for No. 1 deposit.

28 01 2009

Or maybe it’s a reminder that One truly is the loneliest number?

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