Throw Your Shoe

15 12 2008


Just about the only pleasant news story over the weekend was the one about the Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at President Bush, shouting “This is your farewell kiss, you dog!”.

Well said, Mr. al-Zeidi. As a matter of fact, I’d throw my shoes at Bush too, given the opportunity. It just illustrates that, for all the distance and cultural differences, we have alot more in common than we thought.




3 responses

15 12 2008

I heard on the radio that calling someone a dog and throwing your shoes at them both are considered extreme insults in Iraqi culture.

15 12 2008

You wouldn’t want to throw shoes that you want back. In fact, if you did throw your shoes, probably for some time thereafter you’d be wearing shoes in a nice shade of orange.

16 12 2008

I’d call it quite a feat.

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