Music and Continental Drift

12 11 2008

Here’s a little something to think about. If you listened to the Bill Frisell clip above, you probably noticed that it started off with a decidely Asian style, then added in the African percussion and song, accompanied all along with the Asian sounding strings.

“Egghead”, you might ask, “What does this mean?” Well, it got me to thinking about the theory of continental drift. If you imagine, in the days before the continents began breaking up and floating apart, Africa butted up to India and Australia, which was leaning on the Eurasian plate, then this tune really makes alot of sense. Just apply those continental drift concepts to the composition of this piece of music.

In the beginning, according to me, the Asian sounding guitar moved west across neighboring Australia, picking up Aboriginal drumming along the way, then dashed over to Africa to pick up the vocal part. I’m not sure how to explain the bluegrass fiddle, but it’ll give me something to think about.

In the meantime, Wikipedia has an explanation and some nice graphics illustrating theories on continental drift.




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12 11 2008

This is a perfect blog post!

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