Is It Commercial Air Travel or a Hostage Situation?

6 11 2008


I started thinking about the similarities between airport security and hostage situations while I was hanging around the Seattle airport last month. As I watched people shuffling sock-footed through the metal detector and standing helplessly by as security rifled through their luggage, the concept for this Venn diagram was born. After all, there is a great deal of power in controlling food and water, freedom of movement and the inherent humiliation with having to disrobe en masse.




3 responses

6 11 2008

This one is hilarious, and so apt!

7 11 2008

And you think it’s bad here, you should go through Security at El Al Airlines in Tel Aviv. TSA knows you still have a few rights…you can always turn around and leave. Once you’re in Ben Gurion Int’l Airport, you’re not going anywhere that’s not on your original itinerary. Except maybe a windowless room that no one knows about…so you best declare those liquids.

9 11 2008

Yep. That’s about right. And are we any safer, really?

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