The Din of Wealth

27 09 2008


While installing this sculpture yesterday at a house that reminded me of the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, I noticed how noisy the neighborhood was. When the stone mason came by I asked him when the house was built and he said the owners had been living there for at least ten years. The same seemed to be true of the other houses in the neighborhood, but despite the large lots and heavy landscaping the noise went on all day long.

In addition to the drills and saws we were using, the folks across the street were having their long, winding driveway torn out and replaced with paving stones. On both sides, lawn and landscaping crews ran mowers, power rakes and trimmers all day. But there was also a steady stream of service men and women repairing the pool, cleaning, installing and generally maintaining the enormous house and grounds.

So, despite the park-like setting, manicured walking paths, swimming pool, tennis court, putting green, screened porchs and all manner of other comforts, it would have been impossible to find a moment of solitude either inside or outside the house. My guess is that the only escape for the residents of this mammoth house is a single bedroom or bathroom, which is exactly what happens in a 1000 SF house. How about that?

So, just as a self hypocrisy check, I listened to my own neighborhood when I got home. There was a lawn mower running somewhere nearby and I could hear some kids playing, but it was mostly a breeze in the trees and the occasional bird. Apparently, money can buy you a gorgeous home, but it won’t buy peace and quiet.




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28 09 2008

There are lots of things that money won’t buy. But evidently beautifully formed sheet metal ginko leaves aren’t among them.

28 09 2008

That piece is just beautiful!

I’ve noticed that here, too — it seems as if the swanky suburban neighborhoods are the loudest, with every maintenance company using the most up-to-date internal combusion engine-driven tools to do relatively simple tasks (leaf blowers instead of rakes, excavators instead of shovels, etc.). Add to that the constant hum of giant AC condensers and pool equipment, and there’s never a moment of silence.

It seems to be the case in the non-swanky neighborhoods, too — lawnmowers and leafblowers being the primary culprits in the growing season — but there’s not so much home improvement going on constantly, so we get breaks from the din.

I do think that piece is stunning.

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