More on McPalin

26 09 2008

OK, so I’ve had a lukewarm response to the Palin-Obama debate proposal. I was just trying to help.

Here’s something else to think about while you oughta be working. Say, for example, that Barack Obama woke up this morning with a terrible head cold. No way he can possibly participate in tonight’s debate, so he calls in his VEEP, Mr. Joe Biden. My internal response to that scenario is something like, “Doh! That’s a rough break!” Was it the same for you?

But what was your response when I proposed that McCain’s VEEP step in for him? Once you were past the violent shuddering, you laughed, didn’t you? Then, a few minutes later, you realized that the McPalin handlers would sooner break Sarah’s kneecaps with a tire iron than allow that debate scenario to take place. Again, I’m just saying.




One response

26 09 2008

Around here, people say that “Women supporting Sarah Palin is like chickens supporting Colonel Sanders”

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