And Speaking of Wrecks…

25 09 2008

This is what we call a Cake Wreck. Click on the link to Cake Wrecks just to the right of this entry, under Blogroll. I plan to send this photo in on behalf of Julie, whose mother paid good money to have this made for her sister’s birthday.

Note the nice bunny rabbit head on the left. That’s actually an entire bunny, but its body has been brutally jammed down into the cake. (In a proper Eastertime theme, I think he’s being resurrected from his chocolate cake burial.) Note the nice blue lake in the center. I can’t explain that. Then there is the birthday wish running off the right margin of the cake. Who knew there were so many letters in that word?

The cake order was actually for a spring themed birthday cake in pastel colors with some nice flowers on it. Well, we all have a bad day now and then, but this project has “TOO MUCH VODKA” written all over it.




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