The Month of Halloween

10 09 2008

Actually, it’s more like two months of Halloween. Why bother calling them September and October when we could just call them Halloween Candy and Halloween Costume?

I haven’t actually set foot in a grocery store for awhile, but I see evidence of the season in everyone’s cubicle candy dish. I’ve eaten several ounces of Smarties today, which is making my eyeballs buzz right now, but I expect to be slumped in my mauve colored office chair in about 30 minutes. Actually, because efficiency and productivity are always uppermost in my mind, I’ve been thinking I might shortcut the time spent tearing open (and throwing away) all those little plastic wrappers over the next two months. I could just set a four pound bag of sugar on my desk with one of those long crazy straws. There might be pluggage due to soggy sugar, but a little backwash should take care of that. And the bag is biodegradable – yippee!




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