Vacation Contemplation

21 08 2008

Having just completed a flying trip through Ethan Canin’s fantastic novel America America this morning, I turned to my laptop to attempt some meaningful work. Of course, I can’t do a bit of work without first wasting 30 minutes on email and I opened a message from my neighbor in which I initially thought she was asking me to adopt her infant son. I quickly realized that she was actually referring to her cat, but it was a bit of a shock at first.

I declined the offer, but with all this time on my hands I started thinking about the way people name their pets. I’ve decided that people fall into two categories, those who select pet names and those who try to anthropomorphize their pets through children’s names. The former category would include names such as Buster and Bruiser, with the latter applying names like Emma and Jayden. Then I realized with horror that I fall into the latter category. Sort of. Yipes! My last three pets were named Simon, Angus and Sid Vicious. I don’t quite fit into that group of people who name their pets as the children they never had, but it’s a little too close for comfort.




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