I’ve Lost My Shoes

19 08 2008

I knew this afternoon that I was not in Kansas anymore when I couldn’t find my shoes and couldn’t remember the last time I’d worn them. I wore running shoes this morning, but I honestly couldn’t recall the last time I had on street shoes or even sandals. After all, shoes are totally unnecessary when you’re simply traveling across a short stretch of beach to the water. And that’s nice.

I’ve done nothing today but drink coffee, read a novel and bob around in the ocean. As a matter of fact, I spent enough time bobbing around in the salt water that I felt a little like a jellyfish, no purpose in life other than being carried along on the current. Well, I have had a little more purpose to the day, namely going for a run and keeping an eye on my watch so as not to miss cocktail hour.




2 responses

21 08 2008

Isn’t the entire day cocktail hour? Who needs a watch!

22 08 2008

When I’m at the beach, cocktail hour starts at 11am and ends somewhere north of sunset. Enjoy.

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