The Joy of Flarp

1 08 2008

I learned many years ago that even my most inedible baking failures were considered a fabulous success if I took them to work. I always chalked that up to the dismal nature of corporate cubicle work, where even a stale muffin seems a joyous thing compared to gray walls, gray carpet, metal desk and fluorescent lights. As I often say, “It’s all relative”.

My buddy Julie proved that point again by introducing my work group to Flarp. Check it out:   She brought each of us a container of it and after the initial tentative prods, we now have lively rounds of loud, wet flarping. We laugh until we cry and I had a flarp voice mail message on my phone this morning. It’s fabulous stuff and I’m sure every office needs a case of it in their supply room, right next to the White-Out in an easy sniff container.

Of course, when you shop for it on Amazon, they offer a variety of other products that might interest you, such as a fart pen, fart whistle, and a battery operated Flarp noisemaker, just in case you find the goo too much work.

And on a final note, here are a couple of Flarp definitions from the good (?) people of Urban Dictionary:

1. The onomatopoeia reference to the sound (or mixture of tones) produced by one or a combination of the following: 1. Traditional fart; 2. The Shart; etc, etc.

2. In music, a note that is so completely wrong or out-of-tune that it is impossible to determine whether it is flat or sharp.
“That last chord sounded pretty flarp to me.”



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