More Last Suppers

27 07 2008

It’s melon season at the local farmers market and as I was wrapping a few perfectly ripe chunks of cantaloupe in strips of savory prosciutto (with an eye on the mouth watering bottle of Conundrum chilling in the refrigerator), I started thinking about a conversation I had with a young guy at the 10th Mountain Hut in Colorado.

He had just graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in NY and was talking about the job he started only the week before in Denver. Cutting right to the chase, I asked him what he would request if he had only one meal left to enjoy in this life. Along with foie gras and sauterne, he included melon and prosciutto. Actually, he listed many items, which answered my real question of “Are you a cook or chef?”.

As a graduate of the CIA, I already knew the answer, but his response was entertaining nonetheless. And now I must be off for a glass of that wine!




2 responses

29 07 2008

it was Uncle Bud’s hut …

5 08 2008

The subject of last supper came up this weekend at an annual free event in our town, the Italian Picnic, where a local restruateur provides the tents, tables, meat and copious wine and beer and other resturants kick in their special main dishes. The community shows up with pot luck dishes, about 300 strong, and this goes on for hours. The food line takes a good 30 minutes where you meet all kinds of folks who live around the corner and you never knew, as well as seeing old friends. For me it ends when my stomach feels asthough it will pop and I could not possibly tip back another glass of wine or eat another cookie. The it’s time to walk home and lay on the couch. Someone observed that there could not possibly be a better last supper and I could not agree more.

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