And Now It’s Done

26 07 2008

This is my finished desk. Maybe I should have used one of the more formal photos, but the context of shop and tools seemed to make sense.  The surfaces were sanded to perfection, oiled, then finally waxed and buffed to a soft glow. I thought it was wonderful in the shop, but it’s even better while I’m sitting here with both elbows on it, tapping away at my laptop.

It’s jam packed with interesting details, curves and patterns, which will be a great relief when I’m stuck on a word or idea and need a little distraction. And speaking of details, following is a photo of the tenon securing stretcher to leg. You can really only see it from floor level, but I’ll appreciate it when I’m down there stretching or looking for the back to my earring. Notice how the grain of the wood was chosen to match the curve of the stretcher.

It also has a shallow pencil drawer, which will be perfect for hiding a piece of chocolate, an eraser and stamps.




One response

29 07 2008

There seems also to be an interesting little knob on the pencil drawer. Perhaps a detail shot?

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