Hardboiled Eggs and Bourbon

24 07 2008

Yes, that’s a snow drift on July 20 at Hagerman Pass, Colorado, elevation 11,900 feet. And yes, I was pretty happy with the whole arrangement. Note the long sleeved shirt and long pants – in July. It must have been 60 degrees, which is all the warmer it really needs to get for me.

As for the hardboiled eggs, I think they’re the perfect backpacking food. They’d sit in the refrigerator at home for several months before I finally composted them, but they’re so perfect on a hike. No packaging or refrigeration necessary, you just dig them out of the side pocket of your pack, tap them on the closest rock and there you have it.

As for the bourbon, Ray and I find Bulleit to be our favorite while out and about in the middle of nowhere. Betsy prefers a sip of tequila, but I transfer the Bulleit to a plastic water bottle, crush the air out of it, seal it with a bit of tape and have a little nip at the end of the day. It’s well worth the added weight and tastes pretty good with the almonds and chocolate hidden in the stuff sack of my sleeping bag.




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24 07 2008

by god we do ruff it don’t we

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