My, That’s Refreshing

8 07 2008

I’ve been preparing for My Big Backpacking Adventure by filling my brand new backpack with household goods and strapping on my brand new hiking boots for suburban rambles. The pack feels like it weighs about as much as I do, though it’s not even close. Right now it’s packed with 5 lb of flour, 4 lb of sugar, 4 lb rice, 2 cans of pureed pumpkin, 3 pairs of jeans and a partridge in a pear tree.

My friends have been keeping me company on these rambles and Priscilla went along tonight, after fixing me a fantastic dinner and reminding me to carry an ID in case the police think I’m homeless. Temp was in the low 90’s and the pack started feeling heavy well before the turnaround point. She refused several requests to carry the pack awhile. However, she made up for it by providing a Luigi’s Real Italian Ice as reward for finishing the walk. I’m not sure what flavor it was, other than red, but my, it was refreshing.




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