Pirate Ship

6 07 2008

I was out and about with The Howe Sisters yesterday afternoon when we spied this lovely wooden boat parked in front of the library. It looked like a canoe from a distance, but as we approached we realized it had a flat bottom. The thing was beautifully built with some sort of pretty wood and copper rivets. All the pieces were carefully fitted together and it was perfect right down to the details. Plus, it had one of those wool blanket covered canteens and what I believe to be a pirate flag on a stick carefully stowed inside.

Mary’s curiosity pushed her to research it when she got home, since she is from a boating family, and she discovered that it is actually an Adirondack guideboat. You can follow this link for more information, but I still think it must make a perfect pirate ship, what with the flag and canteen.





2 responses

7 07 2008

So you see that when there’s cedar left over from making closets and shoe trees, they make canoes.

It’s a great country, isn’t it?

11 07 2008

If there’se cedar left over from building boats, you may have a closet.

You should ask Lou Mueller about his boats sometime.

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