Home Sweet Home

30 06 2008

My friends and family have for some time been requesting photos of my new home. I’ve been reluctant to do it until I finish up the landscaping and new bathroom, but the outcry pushes me to give a sneak preview.

I’m actually quite happy with the place, though it will be more comfortable when the outhouse is finished. The river is less than a quarter of a mile away and digging in that old river gumbo has really slowed me down. However, the neighborhood is generally quiet and I’ve enjoyed the outdoor dining there at the north end of the house. I have a nice solar shower just on the other side of the picnic table and a brand new ping pong table out in the shed.

The cloud of dust behind the house is from my neighbor, who was combining his wheat. He and his family have been very friendly and I know they’ll be more comfortable when they get a roof back on their house. What a windstorm we had back in April!




3 responses

30 06 2008

It’s, uh, quite pastoral, isn’t it?

30 06 2008

You moved into our neighborhood!

30 06 2008

It’s darling. And so urbane, too.

What color is your lazy boy?

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