Fay Farris Clyne

18 06 2008

My friends gathered around tonight to help me celebrate the life of my wonderful friend, Fay. I understand that she died in a car wreck this morning.

I’ve run thousands of miles with her, which gave us the opportunity to discuss every last thing. When you train for a marathon with someone, as I have with her, you have lots of hours to talk things over and reach an understanding that there simply isn’t time for in other social relationships. I think she loved me, though I haven’t any idea why. But she explained alot of things to me and made me a better person. I have a long way to go, but she did her best.

Before she married Joe, and after they were married too, we ran together after work and then sat out on the front steps for a cold beer in the summer. We sometimes threw the empty cans out in the yard, just for a laugh. Because she left for work at 4:00 am, the empties stayed in the yard and I drove by on my way to work in the morning to laugh at the beer cans in her well kept lawn. She laughed and laughed over it, along with a thousand other things. It’s fair to say that Fay had a well developed sense of humor.

So it’s only fitting that I stopped off at the liquor store on my way home from work and bought a trunkful of beer. My friends came over to swill beer and heave the empties out in the front yard to help me celebrate a wonderful person and a life well lived.

Fay and I became fans of Boulevard beer, but in those early days of lawn trashing, we sometimes drank Foster’s. Fay is that gorgeous, grinning woman second from the right. Always thoughtful, always kind, generally laughing.




One response

18 06 2008
David Schulte

I enjoyed your comments about Fay. She was always fun to be with. She had a great effect on our lives. She was always so full of energy and life. She motivated everyone she had contact with.
She will be greatly missed.

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