David’s Magic

16 06 2008

OMG, there aren’t many things in this world that are better than dinner at David’s. It’s not clear to me whether he uses recipes, though my sense it that he uses them as a start and then just works his magic from there. He’s very casual about the whole thing, but he gets the seasoning right, which is a rare talent, and he never overcooks things, which also requires a fine touch. Restaurant chefs almost always use too much garlic and salt for my taste, but I know when I pull up to the table that David isn’t going to do that to us.

We ate outside last night and it was the perfect evening for an outdoor dinner. David has these wonderful lounge chairs and I love to collapse in one with my first glass of wine. Gunda arrived with stuffed mushrooms and some sort of homemade cheese biscuits that forced me to eat too much. After a relaxing discussion about what makes a global citizen, we poured ourselves over to the dinner table for the best risotto I’ve ever had. Let me repeat that, “It was the best risotto I’ve ever tasted”. It was roasted squash with caramelized onions and mushrooms, which again forced everyone to eat just three bites too much.

David followed the drop dead wonderful risotto with grilled sausages that he brought back from Philadelphia and knows that I love, along with grilled red peppers and spicy sweet potatoes. But wait, that’s not all. After a half hour’s rest and good conversation, he brought out the strawberry tart to celebrate Bob’s birthday. I don’t know how we did it, but we nearly finished it and moved back to the lounge chairs to talk about books and reading.

Thanks, David. You take good care of us.




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