Eat Dessert First

12 06 2008

I find this to be generally good advice, even though I rarely follow it.

Lunch today was the exception. We picked up chicken kebabs from a street vendor near the Metropolitan Museum today, and had a very pleasant lunch in Central Park. As we strolled out of the park, I found a $5 bill and felt that it was a message from god saying, “Go straight to the nearest street vendor and buy ice cream!”, which I did. This was one of the rare cases in which dessert was really meant to follow the main course.

That didn’t hold true for dinner. I decided to try the new Asian-Fusion Wild Ginger on E. 51st and while the Indonesian sambal was certainly edible, it suffered a total eclipse by lemon cake from Buttercup Bake Shop just around the corner on 2nd Ave. At least have a look at their website so you can understand why I stopped dead in my tracks in front of their window.

I bought an enormous slice of their lemon cake and finished about a third of it. I’m not sure whether to sleep it off or walk it off. Since my time in the city is near its end, I believe I’ll walk it off…




One response

12 06 2008

So many good places in New York. My brother and I wandered around the city forever looking for Magnolia Bakery and their infamous cupcakes. We finally got there, bought as many as two people are allowed and finished them that very day.

You could call us piggies but I prefer to think of us as connoisseurs.

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