Rubbernecking in Manhattan

11 06 2008

Rubbernecking. I love that word. Holden Caulfield used that alot.

Anyway, I’ve spent the day rubbernecking in Manhattan. First on the subway up to 86th St., then at the Metropolitan Museum and most importantly, on the walk south on Madison.  And today’s interviewee was a guard at the museum. I forgot to ask his name, but he’s from Ghana. We talked about agriculture, the economy, infrastructure and government. He was a very interesting fellow and extremely grateful to be in the U.S.

I also had another chat with Mike the doorman. He learned to whistle like that as a kid and says he enjoys his days as a doorman. He’s personable, knows many of the cabbies who hang out around the hotel, figures he must hail about 100 cabs a day. He seemed thrilled with the idea of being a blog celebrity.

But now it’s time for a glass of wine and then dinner at Wild Ginger. Maybe another long ramble around the city too.




3 responses

11 06 2008

I hope you gave him the URL.

I learned how to whistle very loudly as a kid too, but I still have to put two fingers from each hand in my mouth, which means you have to put down what you’re carrying and hope your hands are clean. It’s quite dramatic, though. Does Mike do it without fingers?

13 06 2008


You can do it one-handed with the thumb and forfinger of one hand, or with the index and little finger, using the thumb to hold the index in position. It’s the same whistle, just takes a little practice.

19 06 2008

I’ve never been able to whistle…

and I do love Holden Caulfield.

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