Lightening in Manhattan

11 06 2008

I’ve been to New York several times, but never seen a thunderstorm, so last night’s was my first, and an entirely different experience than the same sort of storm in Kansas. Here in the city, even though there was lots of lightening, I couldn’t actually see anything but flashes of light because of the tall buildings. I knew the storm was on top of us, but still it seemed distant. In Kansas, you see the storm building from miles and miles away, and the lightening is RIGHT THERE. You can see every bolt and flicker and I feel so exposed that there is nothing to do but find shelter.

In this case, we made it to the shelter of our hotel just as it started raining, but we had to stay outside, under the awning, just to witness the city’s reaction to a sudden summer storm. This put me in close proximity to the doorman and bellman, who were kind enough to explain their jobs. I learned that the doorman is there to get cabs for people, and he was doing just that. He carried an enormous umbrella and fearlessly hailed cabs for anyone, hotel guest or not, who needed one. His name is Mike. He can whistle like nobody’s business. The bellman, Dan, on the other hand, is there to help people who are arriving. He explained that he lifts their luggage out of the trunk and helps them to their room. Last night he was stationed under the awning, dispensing large paper napkins to dripping guests.




One response

11 06 2008

It was a crazy storm last night, huh? I’m just about an hour north of the city, and there was a crack of thunder and lightening so loud it felt like it shook the whole campus. People around here aren’t as used to it.

My favorite thing about going home is watching the storms come in. My mom and I will say things like “looks like we got about five minutes” then we’ll go inside when it hits.

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