Tools of a Furniture Maker

8 06 2008

These are the tools of a furniture maker. We chose a slab of wood with plenty of imperfections because I’ve so admired the way Rick works with these things. After all, life is patched together from the set of imperfections we’re handed, so I love the way he transforms these scars of the tree’s life into something interesting to see and wonderful to touch. When he is finished with this desk top, it will feel as soft as the skin on the inside of your arm, even to calloused fingers.

Rick favors fine Japanese chisels, which he stores in a set of beautiful handmade tool drawers. He appreciates his tools and consequently uses them with respect. In the photo above, he has used a router and jig, followed by his hand tools, to create the cherry butterflies that will stabilize the cracks in ‘The Slab’. These butterflies, along with a spline in the end of the piece, will be a joy to look at and they will keep my desk top flat and smooth for many years to come.




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