Did I Miss Something?

16 05 2008

One of today’s top news stories is about the California Supreme Court’s decision that gay couples have a constitutional right to be married. This is one of a handful of topics for which I feel that surely I missed something important when I got busy last week and didn’t read the paper.

When I read that Palestinian suicide bombers have been loading up with explosives and detonating in public places, I can be pretty certain that I simply missed out on the latest round of political maneuvering over Gaza. When I review the past week’s NY Times, it doesn’t take me long to figure out what drove these people to decide that they really must blow themselves to bits tomorrow. But this gay marriage thing is a real puzzler for me.

I keep thinking that I’m going to have a flash of insight in which I realize that all the clamor is really driven by insurance companies who don’t want to insure a same sex partner for some reason. Or that there is some enormous benefit for the federal government in having more single people in the pool of taxpayers. Try as I might to uncover the real reason for all the gnashing of teeth over this topic, the best I can find is a quote from the president of the National Organization for Marriage saying, “The court brushed aside the entire history and meaning of marriage in our tradition.”

Oh, really? Well, that clears things right up for me. Isn’t this how we justified segregation in the 20th century? You know, “Those people are different than me so they don’t deserve the same rights”. Or did I just miss something?




One response

16 05 2008

Why would anyone – other than a florist, a caterer, a dressmaker, a tux rental store, a wedding band agent or a divorce lawyer – establish a National Organization for Marraige?

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