And Then There is Wales

16 05 2008

It’s true, when the alternative is well-paying work, I find myself inexplicably driven to blog instead.

In sharp contrast to the United States, where we’re losing sleep over other peoples’ marriages, Wales has recently shown a commendable tolerance for alternative lifestyles. In recent news there, a man was shown leniency for drinking a two and a half gallon box of wine, donning a garbage bag cape and attacking members of the First United Church of the Jedi (or something like that). I admit that I only skimmed the article the first time through, but I was so thoroughly flummoxed by the whole thing that I had to read it a second time, trying to figure out why someone would put on a garbage bag cape and attack these innocent Jedi knights. Then it sank in: he had consumed almost two and a half gallons of box wine. No wonder he thought he was Darth Vader.




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