On Snake Venom and Plastic Shoes

30 04 2008

I was talking with a Real Honest-To-Gawd Writer last night about the joy of learning all about the topics on which we write. He has written a great deal about university research projects, which means he’s had to interview researchers and learn all about their findings. It also means that he had all sorts of ideas on how I might squeeze more interesting ideas into the alumni magazine copy I’m currently working on.

So, as I sat here in my cubicle this morning, working on training materials for selling cheap, plastic shoes, I got an email from him on a fellow who has written several articles on snake hearing, snake venom, venom delivery, etc.  Of course, I switched immediately from the shoe sales to snake venom, which was just fascinating. But as I switched back to writing about how to sell shoes, I realized that I find both topics interesting. Maybe the snake venom a little more so today because I write so much about shoe sales, but the joy is really in learning. Snake venom or plastic shoes, it doesn’t matter so long as I get to exercise my brain.




2 responses

11 05 2008

It’s been 11 days since your last entry

16 05 2008

It’s probably those venom-soaked shoes.

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