Sid Vicious

24 04 2008

This is Sid Vicous. I’ve taken him in as a sort of foster cat because his previous people moved away and abandoned him. He’s a very sweet tempered fellow, declawed and neutered. What I’m saying is that I hope someone would like to adopt him so I don’t have to take him to the Humane Society, which is where he was headed before he arrived at Chez Irick.




2 responses

25 04 2008

I still think his name should be Banjo Barboza. He’s so unvicious! I can’t take him, but I want someone I know to take him so we can stay in touch.

26 04 2008

He looks so relaxed and amiable! Different name, certainly. Can you post more pix of him? Any chance you’d keep him? And does he like to be picked up, or to sit in laps, or what? Big eater? Happy guy (he looks it)? Nice personality? I can’t take him — distance, Sketch, and Miss Lulu are three big reasons why — but he looks like a keeper from here.

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