Where’s the Cutting Torch?

17 04 2008

When my cell phone died a couple of months ago, I bought a new one with this tiny little Bluetooth headset. The trouble is that this little piece of plastic was packed in its own hermetically sealed plastic vault. I bought some swim goggles recently that were packaged in the same way. I can’t figure out the reason for packaging consumer goods this way. The only way to open this stuff is with the kitchen shears designed for cutting through bone, and the packaging will outlive the goods contained therein by at least a couple of hundred years. It’s not like I believe that consumer recycling is going to save the world, but I’m really not so keen on slinging these heavy duty plastic clamshells in a landfill since I can’t recycle them. As best I can tell, there are a couple of younger generations already on the planet and I don’t feel compelled to trash their world for them. So, how about a small cardboard box with a photo pasted on the front instead of the plastic with a 200 year half life?




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18 04 2008

The reason for the armorplate package plastic is, someone always has to spit in the soup. In this case the spittor is your friendly neighborhood shoplifter, and the spitee is your temper, your landfill, and your fingernails. Oh, and those other two generations.

18 04 2008

Interesting metaphor about spitting in soup. . . .

By the way, what is, after all, the difference between a schlemiel and a schlemazel? A schlemiel is the hapless waiter who spills the soup; a schlemazel is the even more hapless customer on whom the soup is spilled.

19 04 2008

I think it might be time to start a letter-writing campaign to companies that use these things: “Dear Microsoft/Motorola/Wamsutta, I was going to buy your software/headset/sheets, but I’m not buying anything packaged in excess plastic anymore. Can I buy your products in cardboard anywhere?”

I’m going to have to start this thread over on my own blog.

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