Suburban Assault Vehicle

16 04 2008

With the Weather Channel showing winds of 26 mph gusting to 49 mph, I decided to do a suburban assault ride this evening. When I lived at 29th and Main in Kansas City, I did urban assault rides on my mountain bike in the winter. That meant dodging potholes, drunks, glass in the road, and doing hill climbs in parking garages. Tonight’s suburban assault meant flipping off aggressive SUV drivers, dodging glass and potholes, spraying yapping small dogs with my water bottle and climbing all the big hills I could find in a roaring wind. Not as pleasant as a brisk road ride north of town, but it shook off the fuzziness of a day in front of the computer.




2 responses

16 04 2008

Good idea.

16 04 2008

I can only hope that the wind is at your back when you climb the big hills.

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