My Name is Frank Jackson

8 04 2008

That’s the mantra used by the Howe sisters to conjure a parking place. I used it tonight to conjure a win for KU in the national championship game. I thought it worked quite well, though perhaps it was a bit slow.

I’ve never watched a basketball game before and I thought it was fast moving and surprisingly suspenseful. So much so that I might watch another someday. Actually, I thought I was the only person in the city of Lawrence who had never watched a basketball game before tonight, but I ran into an acquaintance downtown after the game who said it was also her first. She’s Korean, which might explain things.

Anyway, the streets and sidewalks of downtown Lawrence were jampacked with people of all ages celebrating this basketball game.  It reminded me of the streets of lower Manhattan on the 4th of July, many years ago. It was absolute mayhem and the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

A few statistics I wonder about:

  • Gallons of beer consumed since noon today
  • Gallons of beer puked up before midnight
  • Number of unplanned babies conceived tonight
  • Number of auto accidents tonight
  • Cubic yards of refuse to be cleaned up on Massachusetts Street between 6th & 11th
  • Dollars spent on food and alcohol in Lawrence in the past week
  • Increase in KU basketball coach’s salary as of contract renewal



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