Looks Like a Homerun

1 04 2008

Note to self: Must figure out a way to get to Chicago for a couple of days before May.

The Art Institute of Chicago appears to have knocked one out of the park with their dual exhibits of Edward Hopper and the Homer Winslow watercolors. This seems like a must-see event, but there is the added attraction of that Russian restaurant with the vodka samplers just a block away from the Art Institute. I’m quite fond of the caraway vodka and several of the menu items.

 But really, the Edward Hoppers feel so quiet and intense to me, in contrast to the sparkling light and steady breeze of the Winslow watercolors. I think it would do a body good. I get a big kick out of the paperweight collection in the basement too. Oh, and be sure to lean too close to the Wendell Castle music stand. The security guards get very nervous about that.

But if your feet aren’t itchy enough for the travel, you can have a look at the Hoppers and Winslows at the Art Institute website. Now, don’t just rush off to your other things. Have a look at these paintings.




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