Meet the Neighbors

23 03 2008

It occurred to me while I was stretching this morning that there is an entire section of this house that I really haven’t seen yet. It’s not a huge house, but how much space can one person fill? So I grabbed my coffee and wandered on in to the master suite to have a look around. Turns out there is a French door in the room with a nice little enclosed patio outside. That needed immediate exploration, despite temps in the 30’s, so I wandered on out in sweat pants and sock feet to have a look around. As it happens, the screen door locks automatically, so I had locked myself out. Not exactly how I wanted to meet the neighbors.

Five minutes later I had figured out the garage door keypad combination, scrounged up a putty knife, cut the screen so I could reach in to unlock the door and I was back inside with only minimal repairs to make. It seems like this might be a taste of things to come, so I ought to find a nice little out of the way place to hide a key.

Perhaps I should invite the neighbors over for a drink so I don’t have to introduce myself at 7:30 in the morning, straight back from a run with coffee in hand.




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