18 03 2008

My friend Priscilla has been a Grateful Dead fan since the age of nine, when her sister brought one of their albums home. She was particularly fond of Ripple and was recently given a mix CD that contained a knock-your-socks-off cover of that song by The Persuasions.

That got me to wondering just how many covers of Ripple have been recorded, but I got sidetracked when I looked up Persuasions recordings on Amazon. Don’t blame the sidetrackage on my short attention span until you hear the cover albums they’ve recorded: Frank Zappa, U2, The Beatles, an album of children’s songs and…The Grateful Dead. You can own that CD for only $38, used.

But you might also check out Shirley Bassey’s soon to be released album, at the just-getting-started age of 70, called Get the Party Started. She’s the gal with the big voice who performed three of the James Bond theme songs. The title song is actually a cover of a Pink song (!). OK, now you can get on over to Amazon for your Persuasions cover of the Grateful Dead.




One response

27 03 2008

I’m actually fond of the Jane’s Addiction version of Ripple. In no way, though, is it possible to beat the original. Can’t be done.

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