12 03 2008

You can get this movie through Netflix or order your own copy and see a trailer at: http://www.kino.com/watermarks/

 It’s a wonderful story about a women’s swim team in Austria in the 1930’s. The problem being that they were Jewish. As part of the extremely successful Hakoah Athletic Club, some of these women were the best female swimmers in Europe, but they were Jewish. So their club and their team were shut down in 1938 when Austria joined politically with Nazi Germany.

They were all fortunate enough to get out of Austria, scattering all over the world where they started new lives, married, had children and continued to swim. The thing that really got me was their deep and continued disappointment in the way they were treated by their countrymen at the time. I wasn’t surprised by it, so much as touched by the way the interiews captured their hurt, even sixty five years later. And what a bitter pill for each of them to discover upon returning to Vienna for a reunion that antisemitism still runs strong. I couldn’t help but wish that these smart, successful, athletic women, all in their 80’s, could have gone back for a visit to their home country without being reminded that they are still considered “non-natives”.




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13 03 2008

Should I give a little plug here? You can find out about this movie and more at Kevin Kelly’s documentary review site True Films. And I agree with egghead jr. It’s an outstanding movie.

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