Hope Springs Eternal

5 02 2008

In another discussion about life, the universe and everything, Mary and I were marveling about the fact that hope really does spring eternal. Even when close examination of our lives reveals it’s all for shit, we still keep at it. We could just drive right on home, close the garage door and go to sleep, but we don’t. After all, we’re wearing our favorite socks and we’d hate to end the day without that small glass of scotch we love so much.

It’s hard to believe that those small pleasures are really the only thing standing between life and a cloud of CO, which leads me back to the theory that hope really does spring eternal, no matter how bad it seems.




One response

6 02 2008

It does indeed. Just let me know when you want to close that garage door and I’ll buzz right in with a glass of scotch.

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