You Talkin’ ta Me?

2 01 2008

From the Wordsmith Word-a-Day:

This week’s theme: newly coined words.

commentariat (kom-uhn-TAR-ee-uht) noun

   The group of people who provide opinion and analysis of events in the news.

[Blend of commentator and proletariat. The term was first noticed in a 1993 article in the Washington Post.]




3 responses

2 01 2008

Egghead, where did you see this word?

3 01 2008

Hehehe. This is a recursive post, isn’t it? You’re commenting on a piece of news (sort of) about people who comment on news.

4 01 2008

Does this post count as news itself? If it does, then gockow’s comment is also recursive, no? And does my comment count as a comment if it’s all questions?

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